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Welcome to Kansas City… Google.

This commercial makes me very proud to be from Kansas City. It is truly one of those unique cities of America with a very small and hometown feel. It is neat to see all the great attractions this city has offered me throughout the years, finally get some recognition with a national broadcasted TV commercial… courtesy of [...]

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This is why I am single

The line, “… And this is why I am still single” always seems to get bashed by someone else following up with “oh really? This is why” – questioning that its not some other sort of disformation or mental illness that has kept that person single. BUT, this diagram really might explain why one (ME) [...]

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My Poor Attempt at Being Happy…

In the post prior to this one, I mentioned I was in Chicago for a bachelor party… here’s evidence that alcohol and batting cages should not be mixed. Chest is still a little sore from taking those speed balls in the chest in the batting cages at Sluggers Bar in Wrigley, you guys. […]

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Motivation Monday

Came across this video this morning and it couldn’t came through anymore clutch. After getting back to Kansas City from a delayed flight late last night, motivation to work today was something that was definitely needed. Lost a lot of pride in myself this weekend from and overly celebrated Bachelor party (3rd one of this [...]

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