Golf Season Must Have

Ladies and Germs, Spring is knocking at the door and golf season is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I have already gone back to back weeks with getting at least 18 in. Feels great. We started off hot to start the season and after a windy day last week, quickly [...]

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Oh NO! Moments…

We have ALL had them. Those moments where you automatically and instantaeously regret the decision you just (or just did not) make. Because as soon as you see the result of that decision, you quickly want to go back in time and cash in on a mulligan. Well my friends, this list is full of [...]

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Mid-week Motivation

It is Wednesday, and it is time for a little mid-week motivation. After celebrating MLK day with a day off of work this week, I thought it was time that we reflect on image that I find to be highly motivational. Dr. Martin Luthur King was one of the all-time great motivational speakers. His speech [...]

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Holiday Travel

So I have gotten the opportunity to travel A LOT this last month for events and all the holidays. Within the last month, I think I actually spent more time outside of my home city than I did actually in it, which is very rare for me. Towards the end, I began to feel the [...]

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Last Blog Post EVER?

SO… it comes with no surprise that today’s date is 12/20/2012 – and based on the Mayan’s calendar, the world would be projected to end tonight (12/21/2012). Although, I am a firm believer that this will not come true based on the fact that it already is 12/21/2012 in Australia and they are still with us, from [...]

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My Definition of Hip-Hop

So I feel Hip-Hop music sometimes gets a bad wrap (pun intended) from some of the wild and crazy artists out there that represents it. Most of the stuff out of the Hip-Hop culture that makes it to the radio is not what I feel is the best representation of how the music is suppose [...]

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My Favorite Christmas Carol: 12 Pains of Christmas

I still remember the first time heard this little number several years ago. It was of course while I was in the car with my mother as she was dragging me around the city knocking out your typical Christmas errands. I couldn’t put a year on it but I am guessing this is back when [...]

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I might be the biggest culprit to this post. I use to live in Johnson County (Southern Suburban area of Kansas City) and have to drive on I-35 to and from work, which was Downtown. I-35 in the mornings and afternoons is one large parking lot. A drive that normally takes 15-20 minutes is easily turned into [...]

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