Oh NO! Moments…

We have ALL had them. Those moments where you automatically and instantaeously regret the decision you just (or just did not) make. Because as soon as you see the result of that decision, you quickly want to go back in time and cash in on a mulligan. Well my friends, this list is full of [...]

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Mid-week Motivation

It is Wednesday, and it is time for a little mid-week motivation. After celebrating MLK day with a day off of work this week, I thought it was time that we reflect on image that I find to be highly motivational. Dr. Martin Luthur King was one of the all-time great motivational speakers. His speech [...]

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I might be the biggest culprit to this post. I use to live in Johnson County (Southern Suburban area of Kansas City) and have to drive on I-35 to and from work, which was Downtown. I-35 in the mornings and afternoons is one large parking lot. A drive that normally takes 15-20 minutes is easily turned into [...]

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Gamecock Goosebumps!

This is one of the coolest halftime shows I have seen at a football game since the 2004 Superbowl when Justin Timberlake pulled the top off of Janet Jackson. I have to tip my hat to the South Carolina University fans on this day. The uproar of emotion and support for this fellow family sent [...]

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Karen Klein: The Hero

I woke up today to a story that nearly brings me to tears. A 68-year-old bus monitor had been teased and bullied by a group on middle school students and it is one of the hardest videos for me to personally watch. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and breaks my heart to know [...]

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Hero’s – 9/11 Tribute

It is the 11th anniversary of September 11th, 2001. With all the specials being promoted on the Discovery and History channel, I thought I would put out a video that didn’t necessarily make the big network’s play list. My dad shared this with me and it really struct a chord. All of the stories of [...]

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Funny… AND True!

It’s not very often I come across things that are both funny, and true. Most of the time, when telling a joke or making a funny comment about one of my friends, I usually need to back it up with a statement of “Just Kidding” or “That’s not true”. But KNOW, I can honestly tell [...]

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This is why I am single

The line, “… And this is why I am still single” always seems to get bashed by someone else following up with “oh really? This is why” – questioning that its not some other sort of disformation or mental illness that has kept that person single. BUT, this diagram really might explain why one (ME) [...]

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