Mid-week Motivation

It is Wednesday, and it is time for a little mid-week motivation. After celebrating MLK day with a day off of work this week, I thought it was time that we reflect on image that I find to be highly motivational. Dr. Martin Luthur King was one of the all-time great motivational speakers. His speech [...]

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Holiday Travel

So I have gotten the opportunity to travel A LOT this last month for events and all the holidays. Within the last month, I think I actually spent more time outside of my home city than I did actually in it, which is very rare for me. Towards the end, I began to feel the [...]

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My Definition of Hip-Hop

So I feel Hip-Hop music sometimes gets a bad wrap (pun intended) from some of the wild and crazy artists out there that represents it. Most of the stuff out of the Hip-Hop culture that makes it to the radio is not what I feel is the best representation of how the music is suppose [...]

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My Favorite Christmas Carol: 12 Pains of Christmas

I still remember the first time heard this little number several years ago. It was of course while I was in the car with my mother as she was dragging me around the city knocking out your typical Christmas errands. I couldn’t put a year on it but I am guessing this is back when [...]

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