Golf Season Must Have

Ladies and Germs, Spring is knocking at the door and golf season is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I have already gone back to back weeks with getting at least 18 in. Feels great. We started off hot to start the season and after a windy day last week, quickly [...]

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So Real It’s Scary

By my nature, I critique advertisements on the regular. Growing up the always fascinated me with how cleaver a company could be to entertain you when you were not wanting to be interrupted and entertained. Growing up in an age where my generation spends the most collective hours on the internet/computer and in front of the televisions, I have [...]

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Video Special Effects

This is pretty mesmerizing. This is a video of a army helicopter flying around a base. Initially, you would think it is some sort of hoax or a compilation of thousands of hours dedicated to special effects, but really it is quite simple and a shear stroke of genius. The person filming this flight perfectly [...]

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Little Photoshop Fun

There was a time when an absolutely hilarious movie came to theaters in 2009, and I was still in college. I had the opportunity of spending hours setting in classes that did not pertain to my interests or major, and this is what comes of it. Hours of killing time, brushing up on some of [...]

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Welcome to Kansas City… Google.

This commercial makes me very proud to be from Kansas City. It is truly one of those unique cities of America with a very small and hometown feel. It is neat to see all the great attractions this city has offered me throughout the years, finally get some recognition with a national broadcasted TV commercial… courtesy of [...]

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