I woke up today to a story that nearly brings me to tears. A 68-year-old bus monitor had been teased and bullied by a group on middle school students and it is one of the hardest videos for me to personally watch. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and breaks my heart to know that we have these sort of kids being brought up to replace our older generations. What disrespect, stupidity and immaturity those children showed.

I could go on and on about the frustration and utter hatred I have for the acts of those children, but I think what should not be overseen by it all is how much of a hero Karen is in this video. God bless you Karen, as I am sure you have inspired many others to stand their ground to bullying and not retaliating. It takes a lot of strength, faith, and patience to make it through something like that and I hope you are blessed for years to come! Stay beautiful!

*Today I last saw that a website raised over $700,000 for Karen’s “Vacation” – I have read in other articles that she is using portions of that contribution to start her own foundation against bullying. This has got to be one of the more inspiring bus stories since Rosa Parks. What an absolute tragedy turned triumph!

*If you would like to help donate to Karen’s foundation, you can visit her website by clicking here