So I feel Hip-Hop music sometimes gets a bad wrap (pun intended) from some of the wild and crazy artists out there that represents it. Most of the stuff out of the Hip-Hop culture that makes it to the radio is not what I feel is the best representation of how the music is suppose to be perceived. Its not about how loud you can make your voice, who can talk the most trash, or who can rhyme about doing the most pointless things with all their money. To me, Macklemore and his team display Hip-Hop to its core. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says in this desk concert, but I do think his crew does an excellent job representing what the true spirit of Hip-Hop should be.

The creativity just blows my mind. The rhythm and beats are amazing and gets you moving. Followed by that are the words that are so well pronounced and clear to hear, which is difficult to do and I think is an underestimated skill to have in the Hip-Hop industry. And once you register the words that he speaks of, you actually get an understanding of what the artist is trying to portray or the message he is trying to install in your brain. Pair that with the enthusiasm at which he speaks, and you get one amazing performance of three songs at a desk in an office, which should be noted, strips out all other factors that might cause you to be moved by the music (such as lights and crowds at concerts) and  lets the true art of Hip-Hop take you from there. Do your think Macklemore, I dig.