By my nature, I critique advertisements on the regular. Growing up the always fascinated me with how cleaver a company could be to entertain you when you were not wanting to be interrupted and entertained. Growing up in an age where my generation spends the most collective hours on the internet/computer and in front of the televisions, I have always been exposed to ads. I blame this for also being why I choose to study and major in advertising in college.

But this type of online advertising is what I feel is the best type of advertising. Putting work into a video production that becomes so cool that others have to share it with their friends, and thus, generate millions of interested impressions! Not to mention, they have a very cool product and this bit speaks well for the technology they are promoting. Well done LG, now if we could just get Geico to take notes. They’re ads might be the all time worst, but don’t get me started… just enjoy!