It is official, and the first thing I want to do is run to the top of a mountain and tell the world about my Wildcats, but thankfully with today’s technology, I don’t need to find a mountain (or climb one) and I can just blog about it! Not that the sports nation is already aware, but my alma mater, K-State, is now nationally ranked as the best team in college football for the first time in the school’s history!

I am not going to share the details of my plans to travel to Miami for the National Championship bowl game just yet, simply for the sake of jinxing our odds of winning out our last two games to finish out the year undefeated. But hopefully in 2 weeks, I will be able to share those plans with you all! We still need to stay focused and get by Baylor next week, and Texas the following week, but I cannot express how proud I am of our school, and the football staff and players. It feels great to be on top, #1!

EMAW, y’all!